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Jessica Shelton


After graduation from Misericordia University's Physical Therapy program with a Master's Degree in 2012, Jessica has been practicing Physical Therapy throughout the East Coast. Jessica is an expert in treating the spine, knee, elbow, shoulder, hip and ankle to operate at a high level and has an extensive history in post-operational recovery of all of these sites. Jess spent a significant time working with vestibular dysfunction and rehabilitation, correcting vertigo, improving balance, and aiding in recovery from concussions. For the last ten years she has served as a licensed Physical Therapist in New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

About Jess

With a background in Softball and Basketball, Jess has continued her pursuit of fitness when she entered the CrossFit realm in 2012. She coaches at Smokey Hollow CrossFit where she's been an athlete for 7 years. Outside of work she thinks she has the cutest dogs ever and enjoys spending time with her husband, family, and friends.

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