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Services & Pricing

Initial Evaluation - $130
Your first visit with us is about getting to know you, your background, and your goals, assessing your movement, and figuring out what direction is best for you and your path to recovery. This is assessed by a Physical Therapist who is a movement expert whose top priority is helping you achieve your goals. Our passion is in helping you do what you want without pain getting in your way.

Follow Up Treatment - $130
While you’ll see some improvement from day 1, the best rehab takes time, patience, and dedication. At your initial eval, you and your therapist will develop a plan and appointment schedule. The eval is important to get you set up but the follow-up steps are crucial for progress. During these follow-ups, your therapist will assess your progress and movement patterns, adjust your home exercises and rehab plan, keeping you on the track toward a stronger, more pain-free you.

Follow-Up Package - 6 Visits for $720
Bundle your treatment to save $10 per session. Visits should be used within 60 days of initial purchase.  

Wellness Check-In - $120
Intended for a patient who has completed a plan of care, this may be an abbreviated session done monthly to check-in and update/fine-tune programming (your home exercises alone or in conjunction with your gym’s current planning, whatever sport or race you may be preparing for) assess progress made in movement patterns, ranges of motion, and perform soft tissue work as needed.

Tune Up (30 min/As needed) - $75
Intended for a patient who has completed a plan of care, this appointment will use any combination of body work via therapeutic massage, instrument-aided soft-tissue mobilization (IASTM), myofascial decompression (cupping), massage gun, etc. Would be good for the occasional flare up, pre/post competition, or aches and pains from a tough week.

**Mobile/home PT visits are available but you will need to contact directly for scheduling

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